How to add your CupcakeCamp to the wiki:


1. You need to have a website (for the event info and/or planning the event), contact name and contact email address for your CupcakeCamp before adding it to the wiki. It's okay if you don't have a date/venue/etc. mapped out yet - people just need to be able to view what you've planned so far and get in touch with you if they want to volunteer to help.


2. Request access to the wiki by clicking the link on the right that says "request access to this workspace". You will then receive an email once you've been approved.


3. Edit http://cupcakecamp.pbworks.com by adding your city name along with the planned date of the event (use "tbd" if it's undetermined for now). Please add the city to the list alphabetically, using only the city name and not the event name. Save the page.


4. Click on the new city page you created. Edit the page and copy in the template below, adding in your information.


CupcakeCamp CityNameHere

(add website address and/or twitter/facebook accounts for the event here)










coverage (blogs, videos, photosets, etc.)