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CupcakeCamp Baker Directory

This is a public page for bakers who attended a CupcakeCamp to list their name/URL in order to connect with each other.


         Name , URL , Twitter URL , CupcakeCamp City


  1. Ariel Waldman , http://arielwaldman.com , http://twitter.com/arielwaldman , San Francisco
  2. Marianne Masculino , http://mariannemasculino , http://twitter.com/marianne_m , San Francisco
  3. Lynn L , http://microcanadian.com , http://twitter.com/poshy , San Francisco
  4. Lauren Caveness , N/A , http://twitter.com/laurensays , San Francisco
  5. Morgan Sherwood, http://flawedartist.com , http://twitter.com/flawedartist , San Francisco
  6. Ed Gutman (w/ fiancĂ©e's help), http://edgutman.com, http://twitter.com/edgutman, Mountain View

     7. Rachael  http://www.idlehandsbakingcompany.com/ , http://twitter.com/IdleHandsBaking Oakland 

     8. Holly dailypapercut.blogspot.com , petersillustration.com , foldoutcards.etsy.com

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