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Baker Confirmation Email

Page history last edited by Ariel Waldman 15 years, 7 months ago

This is an example of the confirmation email I send to bakers once they register their cupcakes and I log them into a spreadsheet:


Hi [first name here],


I have you registered for CupcakeCamp2! Please double-check that the information below is correct.


[full name]

[email address]   

[type of cupcakes]   

[number of cupcakes]

[enter whether they're baking or buying the cupcakes from the store]


Additional details:

- CC2 is December 7.

- Please show up at The Satisfactory at 1:30pm the day-of

- I will send you the cupcake schedule a day before.

- If you can bring a platter of some kind to place/display your cupcakes on, it would be great!

- If you change how many or what type of cupcakes, please email me the change.

- Not required, but we can always use help with getting enough water, milk, paper plates, plastic forks and cups for everyone attending, so if you're willing to donate some, let me know.


Thanks and I'll see you Sunday!



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